Zantec 42mm Soft Silicone Smart Watch Band Replacement for Apple Watch Band Series 2, Series 1,Sport,Edition,Replacement Strap band (Silver+White )


The band is made from high performance silicone, soft, flexible and friendly to skin. Stainless steel makes the buckle closure corrosion resistant.

The highlight of this band is a row of perforations. With the light material, the holes help to reduce some weight.

What’s more, they improve ventilation and make it a breathable band. All of these help the band survive water, sweat.

If you are a sports enthusiast, this band would be an ideal accessory for your Apple Watch.

For sleek and sporty look, you should not miss this two-tone band to style yourself in a new way!

For Apple Watch Band Nike+ (42mm)
For Apple Watch Band Series 1 (42mm)
For Apple Watch Band Series 2 (42mm)