Rosewood Apple Watch Stand Charging Dock Holder from iGearPro Station and Cradle for iPods, iPhones, iPads and Other Phones and Tablets

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This docking station can be used for most devices to help allocate wires, hold devices, and organize desk and table tops.
STYLISH: The beautiful wooden make of this station is both appealing and applicable to most any style
PRECISION: With precise openings designed for Apple products one won’t have issues allocating cords and charging wires.
ELEGANT: The royal rosewood make of this docking station make it not only beautiful to look at but it inspires a sense of elegance and sophistication. Both classical and current this is sure to catch eyes.
ORGANIZATIONAL: This is a must have for anyone who has multiple devices. It is great for wire control and manipulation. It works best for Apple products but is in no way limited to said devices.

✔ This beautiful and elegant royal rosewood device organizer is sure to be loved by everyone. Both eye catching and functional, it has a classic look that will produce a sophisticated feeling as well as being current and sleek truly merging the two concepts.
✔ With its beauty comes its functionality in that it has openings to help organize and manipulate wires with ease. That said it is designed for Apple products and will work best with them. Works well for multiple devices such as iPads, iPhones and Smartwatches.
✔ Useful for any situation whether it be your home or office with multiple organizing benefits from devices to pen slots.
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Dimensions: 10.6″(L) x 4.5″(W) x 2.0″(H)
Weights: 462 g
Package Content : 1 charging dock holder