NoWorriesMate Apple Watch Charging Stand Dock Cradle Mount Platform Station – Brushed Aluminum (fits all Apple Watch Styles in 38mm and 42mm Sizes)

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MANUFACTURER’S DESCRIPTION: NoWorriesMate¨ – Apple Watch Charging Stand is compatible with All Sizes and Models of the new 2015 Apple Watch. (Fits BASIC / SPORT / EDITON models of either 38mm or 42mm versions of each model). This model fits one Apple Watch (while others are dual purpose docking systems for iPhone as well). Can be used on its own as a basic stand, or if used in conjunction with the Grommet (Wireless Magnetic Charger) and Lightning Cable, this stand can be used as a fully functional Charging Dock for the Apple Watch and/or iPhone. PLEASE NOTE: The Apple Watch, iPhone, Lightning Cable, and the Grommet Charger shown in images are for usage demonstration purposes only, and are not included with this product.