Nomad Vulcanized LSR Silicone Apple Watch Strap – 42 MM Band with Stainless Steel Lugs – Black

(as of Aug 12,2022 02:29:29 UTC – Details)

Designed for the ultimate hustler in you, Nomad introduces a revolutionary multi-purpose sport band for your Apple Watch. This Silicone Band is built from highly durable materials, and bio-compatible and hypoallergenic silicone; it incorporates style, functionality and durability in one band. Make an outstanding impression when you wear this strap in any occasion. Already a leader in its field, silicone is not only water resistant but also repeals water at an elemental level. Its natural property to resist ultraviolet rays, allows your strap to preserve its sheen even through extensive exposure to nature’s element, making it the perfect gadget for your active lifestyle.

The Liquid Silicone Rubber used in this band is made more durable through a special material delivery system that allows the silicone to unleash its optimal versatility. Unlike silicone which did not undergo the same material delivery system as this item, Nomad’s LSR silicone maintains its biocompatibility, making it a sterile and safe material for contact with your skin.

This strap comes in a premium white box. Purchase this item now, and let this revolutionary gadget make the statement for you!