MOTONG Apple Watch Stand with hight quality bamboo build cradle holds,easy using and Comfortable viewing angle (bamboo)

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MOTONG Apple Watch Stand with hight quality bamboo build cradle holds

Apple Watch Stand is designed, with a stable bamboo base that lets you interact with the screen on your watch while it’s charging.

See alerts, reply to messages or check the time at a glance. This high quality bamboo stand is elevated and angled just right so you can see your Watch screen while lying in bed or glancing over at a countertop.

A non-slip rubber base keeps in place.

All bands are welcome on this stand.MOTONG Apple Watch Stand treats all Apple Watch bands with great care, from the elastomer Sport bands to the all-metal Link Bracelet.

The top band is gently routed over a silicone pad and behind the MOTONG Apple Watch Stand support post. Once there, your band and buckle rest on a soft, leather landing pad.

The silicone lined notch below the watch is not just for fit, it routes the lower band to the back as well, keeping the front view nice and tidy.

In all,it is the perfect accessory to accompany your Apple Watch.


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