elago® W2 Nightstand for Apple Watch (Compatible with Apple Nightstand Mode) – Black

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W2 Nightstand

The elago W2 Nighstand is the perfect companion to have waiting for you when you retire for the night.

When you keep the stand by your bed, you can have access to key functions of your Apple Watch (i.e. alarms, messages, calls, etc.).

The stand will also take great care of your watch and have it waiting for you in the morning!

Made from durable silicone your Apple Watch is protected from scratches and held in place while charging; silicone also grips the surface, on which the stand rests, to prevent movement.

Two precise cutouts located at the front for your charger and the back base for your cable allows for great cable management.

The W2 Nighstand is compatible with all series of Apple Watch: Watch, Sport, and Edition.

When designing this stand, we wanted to make sure we bring something to the table that is easy to use and gets you the most bang for your buck.