Best Screen Protector for Apple Watch; Laser-Cut Tempered Glass; No Smudges & Scratches Guaranteed; Resists Water and Oil; Lifetime Warranty and 100% Money-Back Guarantee! (For 42mm Apple Watch)

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Since you’ve spent GOOD MONEY on your Apple Watch, doesn’t it make sense to spend what it takes to FULLY PROTECT your investment?

Sure it does. So don’t be tempted by the “low priced” cheap substitutes. You should settle for NOTHING LESS than the very BEST protection for your Apple Watch screen.

Our screen protector is the THINNEST as well as the STRONGEST you can buy. That’s why it’s NOT the “cheapest” – but neither are you!

Let everyone else waste their money on the disappointing plastic models that are known to fog up, get hazy, and scratch too easily. Your Apple Watch will still look brand new – like the day you got it – for a LONG TIME to come when you protect it with our laser-cut tempered glass screen protector, specially designed for the Apple Watch

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*Note – Due to the curved design of the apple watch display, tempered glass screen protectors only cover the flat ‘active’ part of the screen*