Applepie for Apple Watch. Iwatch. Glass Screen Protector 38mm. High Quality. Break the Glass NOT Your Screen! Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film. Crystal. Ultra Clear Front Screen Protector. Smart Film. Apple Watch Accessories.

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High quality material, the screen protector is made of specially processed glass which is very effective for protecting your screen from damage. It’s your screen’s guardian and will protect your screen from impacts. It has a very strong resistance. The Glass Screen Protector Kit Includes: – 1 Screen Protector Glass Film – Installation Instructions – Alcohol cleaning wipe – Dry dirt wipe – Reusable packaging box. Follow installation instruction carefully. Installation Guide: 1. DO NOT BEND THE GLASS OR IT WILL BREAK! 2. Before beginning, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. 3. Clean the surface screen of your watch with the wet Wipe 1 to remove any traces, spots or fingerprints. 4. Then with the dry Wipes 2 remove any dust and dry your screen before installing. 5. Peel the protective layer 1 off the adhesive side. 6. Carefully align the tempered glass and the cutouts to the screen. Slowly begin the application process. 7. Press the center of the tempered glass lightly (only a minimum amount of pressure is necessary). Then spread the adhesive part slowly over the entire surface smoothly. The film`s adhesive properties allow the tempered glass to stick onto your screen without leaving bubbles. 8. If any air bubble gets trapped under the tempered glass, use the squeegee to remove them. Begin from the center of the screen smooth bubbles outward until they disappear.