Apple Watch Stand With iPhone Dock – 2 in 1 Duo Charging Station For All iWatch and Phone Models, Best for Travel and Gifting: LXORY XStand (Black-Black)


Looking for an Elegant Apple Watch and iPhone Dock?

If you own an Apple Watch and an iPhone, you may want to organize your devices, chargers and cables in one place.
The LXORY XStand is designed to do just that.
Its elegant design reflects the simplicity and ease of use Apple products have flaunted over the years.

The circular rubber padded cut-out holds the Apple Watch charger perfectly in place while providing an outlet for the charger cable.

The silicone padded phone holder makes it easy to place your phone in an upright position. A cut-out also leaves space for the charging cable.

The proportions of the Apple Watch and iPhone charging stand are carefully chosen to provide maximum stability without taking up much space on your table.

Designed to Hold a Wireless QI Charger

If you plan to enjoy the benefits of cable-free phone charging, this is the right stand for you. Our Wireless Charging Set for iPhone was created to upgrade the XStand to a wireless charging stand. So that you can enjoy the same ease charging your iPhone as you already do with your Apple Watch: just place it on the charger and done! To find the wireless charging upgrade, just copy-paste B01MXRWVA9 into the Amazon search bar or click on “LXORY” on top of the title.

In The Box

• Stand consisting of two aluminum plates
• Rubber pads
• Manual

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