Apple Watch Stand, Sumsonic Arc-shaped Apple Watch Charging Stand Cradle Station Dock with Aluminum Cover & Acrylic Platform for 38mm 42mm Apple Watch & iPhone (White)

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SumsonicTM Arc-shaped Apple Watch Charging Stand will enrich your home interior with its beauty

Crafted from a solid piece of aluminum alloy and Acrylic Platform, the accessory features a cable routing channel, a non-slip, high friction silicon mat footing, the charger is seamlessly integrated into rainbow bridge shelf with carved wire routing to keep everything organized.

Powering Up Your Watch in Breezy and Comfortable Way!

It has been primarily made for Quick and effortless charging. All you have to do to charge your Apple Watch is to put it on the platform and leave the rest to it and remove quickly afterwards.

Folded and Unfolded Watchband on the Charging Dock

You can conveniently place your Watch on the platform in unfolded watchband and let it lay on the dock until it fully charge or  You can simply put your Apple Watch on the dock in folded watchband and let it will work as clock while charging.

Silver gray look imparts a perfect professional appearance to your Apple Watch

SUMSONIC dock is 7.1 x 2.6 x 3.4 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces considered as lightweight. The silver gray metallic cover finish complements the white base stand giving a sophisticated outlook! Disclaimer: Does NOT include the Apple Watch, Charger or Case.

Attractive Presentation Box make Sumsonic Arc Stand a perfect gift

Comes in great white box that soar matches with apple watch stand the deluxe white high gloss finish on the outside and nice surface style complements arc-shape rainbow bridge stand. Make your friends and family get excited at the very first glace.