Apple Watch Stand , Moobom® Aluminum Dual Stand Charge Station for Apple Watch (Both 38mm and 42mm) iPhone Smartphone (Silver)

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Moobom iwatch stand is designed for simplistic elegance and easy functionality. The unique design integrates the apple watch and phone in one single harmonious product to provide the best of utility. Its clean aesthetic coupled with a raised structure enables a clear view of both the iphone and watch display for any notifications that pop up during charging. Our thoughtfully designed features allow all operations on the apple watch to be performed unhindered especially charging. Carefully placed textures make sure that there is no dirt or lint collection and our custom micro texture TPU supports prevents the devices from scruffs and scratches. To go further we provide 2 colors to match your devices and environment.

Compatible with all versions of the 2015 Apple watch, 38mm and 42mm and all versions of iphone.

Flexible TPU polymer for protection and anodized Aluminum.

Product include :
1 pcs apple watch stand. (iphone and watch is not included)