Apple Watch special case-iFopia® EDGE SKIN-Experess your Watch with EDGE SKIN/COLOR_STORM(07)

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Apple Watch sticker/case-iFopia® EDGE SKIN waterproof cover-Experess your Watch with EDGE SKIN

Do you satisfy to one apple watch?
How to make several apple watches by one
-who look for a case which can express your individuality
-who still use uncomfortable, thick, and crude protecting case
-whose watch was damaged by case

if you look for something new which can express and protect your watch, I would recommend iFopia EDGE SKIN.
– express your personality by thin and unique case
– EDGE SKIN is not sticker but clear premium protector.
– Perfect protection for scratch, This is totally to protect surface parts and not to spoil the beauty of device.
– Just using two hands to install. It is easier to apply it by being made from 2nd generation material with easy control.
– Clear even minor bubbles, Minor bubbles are disappeared as time passed by air remove effect.

iFopia EDGE SKIN uses only the film raw material high quality.

The only Apple Watch sticker/case backed by a lifetime now hassle free replacement guarantee.

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