Apple Watch Guide: Support Made Easy

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If you didn’t purchase AppleCare for your watch when you bought the watch, you have 60 days from the purchase date to add it to your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is a sexy timepiece and a fashion accessory – but there’s a lot more to it than looking good.

Did you know the Apple Watch can be your own executive assistant? It will keep lists of things for you to do, pay for your groceries, and keep logs of how long you’ve been standing and sitting all day.

Learn all the little things that make Apple Watch worth it

Send and receive text messages, talk to Siri, find movie times, and get directions to your dinner reservation. Learn how to use the digital crown to select an option without using your fingertips, and discover the difference between a tap and a touch.

Organize Your Life

At its core, the Apple Watch is a way for you to save time. Take an hour to read this book and get some time back for yourself.