Apple Watch Charging Stand That Makes Docking & Charging Your Apple Watch Easy. Slip-Resistant Base & Easy Charger Cable Outlet. Smart Stand 2.0 Is The Smart Choice For Smart Shoppers!

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Apple Watch Charging Stand That Protects & Secures Your Apple Watch Purchase

Smart Stand Pro 2.0 Makes Charging Your Apple Watch Simple, Easy & Hassle-Free

• Are you concerned that your Apple Watch may fall off your nightstand when charging at night?

• Does the possibility of scratching and potentially cracking your Apple Watch bother you?

• Are you having trouble choosing from the many Apple Watch stand options available?

• Do you need the most secure, simple and cost-effective option to protect your Apple Watch?

Smart Stand Pro 2.0 gives you the best protection for your Apple Watch investment and more…

• Easy charging cable outlet unlike some other Apple Watch stands where side grooves don’t secure the cable causing charger and watch to come out of the stand

• Easy and secure fit for the Apple watch charger within the circular opening so it remains stable and protected

• Base with anti-slip padding to accommodate all docking surfaces

• FREE downloadable pdf report on how to boost and maximize your Apple Watch battery life

• 3 attractive color options: Gold, Black & Silver

• “Red Carpet” Customer Service

Smart Stand Pro 2.0 is a high quality product that focuses first and foremost on bringing Customers the greatest value

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