Apple Watch Band, iMiWell 38mm Luxury Woven Nylon Watchband Strap Bracelet Replacement Wrist Band with Adapter Clasp for iWatch Apple Watch & Sport & Edition (38mm Royal Blue)

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Q: Does the band work with Apple Watch Sport and Edition?
A: Yes, both works.

Q: Does this band look right with the rose gold watch?
A: Yes, it looks fine with rose gold aluminum & 18-karat rose gold watch

Q: What’s the wist range does the band fit?
A: 38mm band Fit wrist girth size: 5.1 Inch – 9.5 Inch
42mm band Fit wrist girth size: 5.4 Inch – 10.5 Inch

Q: Does the watch band come with the package?
A: Yes,it does, it come with our iMiWell retail box.

Q: If i dislike this item after receive it, can i return it? can i get refund?
A: Yes, sure you could return it and get full refund, here i have a suggestion that you should keep the item good and well packed, otherwise the Amazon will charge extra packing fee.

Q: If i find the item defective, how could i get an exchange?
A: You could contact Amazon for an exchange, or contact us, we will help you solve it.

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