Apple Watch Band, Gomeir Magnetic Closure Clasp Mesh Loop Milanese Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap for Apple iWatch Sport & Edition- 42mm

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Gomeir:Provide you only quality iWatch Band
Size: 42mm Milanese band
Fit wrist size: 6.15 Inch – 10.35 Inch

We always work hard to ensure high quality standards through 3 times quality checks, while we regrettably still come across defective products occasionally, So if you have anything about the quality of our items, please kindly let us know
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Please Note:
1. We do not recommend you use this black Milanese band with daily desk work (or frequently rub with the desk surface, also our team is trying to make it better; Love your bands, enjoy your life.
2. The magnet of the clasp is very strong, no problem with most sports; If ur bands does not work good, please kindly contact us for your warranty replacement. Again thank you so much, and have a great time!