Apple Watch Band 42mm XXL NYLON NATO iWatch Band for Extra Large Wrists & Ankles! 11 inch Long Custom Sizable Wristband with Durable Space Black Hardware for all 42 mm Apple Watch Models by CARTERJETT

(as of Aug 12,2022 02:08:09 UTC – Details)


Carterjett knows there are people out there with larger than average sized wrists, that can’t find a cool XL to XXXL Apple Watch band replacement. Here is your answer! Even if you have a small or medium sized wrist (sm, med, lg), you’re gonna love this one. Wear it on top of a jacket, mittens, or scuba suit, and then later wear it on your wrist! We’ve had chefs and doctors tell us they wear their Apple Watch around their ankle while working. We’ve got a boxer that wears our nylon canvas watchband around his ankle for fitness tracking his workouts. Some men and women just like the look of the excess strap tucked into the loops, so it really is a one size fits all accessory that you can custom size. Instructions included.

Our NYLON iWatch band compliments the sleek clean lines of the Apple Watch. The military NATO influence brings a rugged strength to the look of the Apple Watch and our nylon fabric material is breathable and comfortable! Never scratchy or stiff.

Rock our BURNT ORANGE for Halloween and Thanksgiving, OLD GLORY RED for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, DESERT TAN and OD GREEN for your military operations, ROYAL BLUE for New Years or when you need a little pop & SPACE GRAY to be on trend with the latest fashion style! Get colorful and mix it up for different occasions and different outfits! (Autumn Orange, Pumpkin, Berry Red, Cranberry, Maroon, Desert Tan, Light Brown, Beige, bright Navy Blue, Air Force Blue, Royal Blue, Khaki, Army Green, Marine Drab, Black)

Pair these hot colors with Carterjett’s exclusive flat finish GREY hardware, and this is one sexy band. Our stainless steel metal lugs provide a tight and reliable connection to your watch and many find our classic buckle clasp easier to use and more secure than the iWatch Sports Band pin and tuck.

Enjoy your Carterjett Nylon Apple Watch Band.