ActionproofTM Apple Watch Case 42mm – New Perfect Cover Protection for Sports – Made with Premium and Durable Rubber [Laperen®] – Ultra Lightweight Apple Watch Accessory – Ideal for Active Sporting – 100% Made in Italy – (Orange)

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Apple Watch Case

The Case turns your Apple Watch into a rugged timepiece that can withstand your active lifestyle. It is ultra lightweight and shock resistant, offering 360 degrees of protection while ensuring accessibility to all elements.
The Case installation is just matter of seconds, yet offers maximum protection for your whole watch. With a unique and exclusive feature as the crown shield that ensures this essential part stays intact while still unfettered and you can rotate and press it even when the Case is on your watch.
Thanks to the thin layer of rubber on the back of the Case, the health sensors are always in direct contact with your skin (no elevation effect) so you are never far away from your accurate vital stats even when your watch is in the Case.
Made of premium and hypoallergenic Laprene® rubber, the Case offers protection from impacts, UV rays and your active lifestyle. Though it doesn’t make your Apple Watch waterproof, the Case can fend off nearly every other element and is resistant to temperatures from -40°C to 120°C. Case is shipped with a secure code that enables all owners to verify that their product is 100% original.

Technical Specification

Material made of Laprene® rubber a durable and hypoallergenic material used for nautical and technical equipment.


High Resistance to UV Radiation Ozone and Outdoor Exposure Temperature Resistance Min. -40°C / Max. 120°C Shock Absorbing


Compatible with all versions of the 42mm 2015 Apple WatchTM .

Pack contents

1 Bumper
Warranty Card
Security code